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Total Commander v10.52 Final Extended 23.5

Release: Total Commander v10.52 Final Extended 23.5

Total Commander v10.52 Final Extended 23.5

Größe: 383 MB
Sprache: Multi
Format: RAR/EXE
Plattform: Windows 7/8/10/11


Total Commander - perhaps the most popular file manager with all the functions necessary for such programs. In addition to all the tools specific to file managers, Total Commander contains very convenient viewers for multimedia and graphic files, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE and additional dll for other archive files; Extremely convenient ftp-client: you can download / upload files in several streams, there is a download, support for www-proxy when working with ftp and there is even such a function as connecting to the given ftp at the specified time. Never stop and such functions as UUE / MIME / XXE encoding / decoding and cutting / splicing of long files, as well as many other features that are extremely necessary for working with files.

Main features
- Updated user interface: flat buttons for Windows XP, new icons for files, archives, drive buttons, etc;
- Ability to set different colors for the background of files and folders;
- Editing and manual synchronization mode when comparing files by contents;
- A separate window with a folder tree for each of the panels, a new concept for Total Commander especially appreciated by wide monitors owners;
- In the built-in Lister you can now display cursor, center images and reduce large images;
- Ability to change the value of the fields of content plug-ins in the change attributes dialog;
- File operations log;
- Disk letter display in tabs;
- Support for customizable columns and page thumbnails for system plugins;
- Group file renaming tool allows you to edit file names directly;
- Added new options in the copy dialog when overwriting files: content comparison, renaming, automatic renaming, copying all files - larger or smaller;
- The maximum length of the command line has been set;
- Sorting by several attributes (columns): Ctrl+Click on additional column;
- Autofill command line, current directory, copy dialog, etc;
- Using the Shift+Del combination to remove unnecessary items in drop-down lists: command line, search, rename, etc;
- Secure FTP connection over SSL/TLS (additional OpenSSL libraries required);
- Customizable custom commands for main menu and hotkeys;
- Command aliases (abbreviations) for the command line (for internal commands and external programs);
- Overwrite dialog gives the ability to create previews and custom fields;
- Possibility of file operations under a user with administrator rights (to access private folders you must enter the administrator password);
- Search on FTP-servers;
- Creation of ZIP-archives of size greater than 2GB.

Composition of the assembly
- Total Commander 10.52 - the best file manager
- SoftMaker Office 2021 (rev1062) - an office suite with full support for Microsoft Office formats
- PotPlayer (v230523) - multimedia player with built-in codecs
- AIMP (v5.11.2429) - multifunctional audio center
- FastStone Image Viewer (v7.7) - viewing and editing graphic files
- SumatraPDF (3.3.3) - viewing electronic documents
- Notepad++ (v8.5.3) - text editor with syntax highlighting
- CCleaner (6.12.10490) - system cleanup
- Defraggler (2.22.995) - defragmentation
- Recuva (1.53.1087) - data recovery
- BurnAware Free (v16.6) - disc burning
- Mozilla Firefox (v113.0.2) - Internet browser
- Download Master (v6.27.1.1699) - download manager
- uTorrent ( - BitTorrent client
- AIDA64 Engineer (v6.88.6400) - comprehensive information about the system
- System Explorer (v7.0.0) - system monitoring
- LockHunter (v3.4.3.146) - unlock and delete files and folders
- TCASwitcher (v1.1.4) - switching internal file associations
- F4Menu (v0.59) - context menu by pressing F4
- IMPOMEZIA TC Color Presets ( - Total Commander color schemes
- Everything ( - instant file search

Total Commander plugins

- A complete set of Russification TC from Konstantin Vlasov and Vadim Kazakov
- Android ADB 8.8 - access to Android device via ADB
- APK-wdx 2.1 - information about apk files
- AKFont 2.8.2 - font viewer
- AnyELF 1.6 - view information about files in ELF format
- Catalog Maker 4.1.3 - creates catalogs of files, folders, disks
- Cloud 2.5 - access to cloud storages Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk
- CopyTree - copy files while maintaining directory structure
- CudaLister - view/edit source code files
- decMaffWLX 2015.03.21 - view .maff files
- DirSizeCalc 2.22 - calculation of folder sizes in the background
- DirSizeCalc Charts 1.10 - graphical display of file/folder size
- DiskInternals Reader 4.16 - access to any file systems
- eBookInfo WDX 1.0.4 - information about electronic books
- Exif 2.7 - view exif header data
- FileInfo 2.23 - view information about executable files/libraries
- FileX 2.2 - various information about files and directories.
- HTMLView 1.2.6 - viewing HTML documents
- ICLView 26.3.2022 - view icons in files via Lister
- Imagine 1.1.4 - viewing and editing images
- IsDotNET 1.0.6 - definition of libraries and modules of dotNET Framework
- LinkInfo 1.52 - viewing and editing .lnk files
- MediaInfoWDX 2.03 - getting information about multimedia files
- MhtUnPack 2.2 - work with .mht files
- Mmedia 2.62 - playback of multimedia files
- Permissions 1.11 - view file/directory permissions
- ProcFS 3.0 - view and manage processes
- RAR 6.21 - support for .rar archives
- Registry 5.2 - registry editor
- Security Info 1.0.1 - information about the owner of the file / directory
- Services2 0.8.1 - view and manage system services
- ShellDetails 1.26 - display Windows Explorer fields
- sLister 1.1.2 - viewing .pdf, .djvu files, etc.
- SQLiteViewer 2.17 - view SQLite database files
- Startups 0.4.0 - autoload
- SWFView 1.4.1 - view .swf files
- TCTorrent 2.1.3 - view information about .torrent files
- Total7zip (7-Zip 22.01) - support for 7-zip archiver formats
- TriID_Identifier 1.0 (23/05/23) - determining the file type by content
- uLister 4.0.0 (OIVT 8.5.6) - viewing office documents using Oracle Outside In Viewer Technology
- Uninstaller64 1.0.1 - uninstall applications
- WebDAV 3.2 - access to web servers via WebDav protocol
- xPDFSearch 2.00b1 - full text search in pdf files

What's new
[^] Mozilla Firefox (v113.0.2), SoftMaker Office 2021 (rev1062), PotPlayer (v230523), AIMP (v5.11.2429), Notepad++ (v8.5.3), CCleaner (6.12.10490), BurnAware Free (v16. 6), Download Master (v6.27.1.1699), uTorrent (, AIDA64 Engineer (v6.88.6400), Everything (, plugins Cloud 2.5, CudaLister, DiskInternals Reader 4.16, RAR 6.21 , SQLiteViewer 2.17, TriID_Identifier 1.0 (23/05/23) updated to latest versions.


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